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As schools eliminate their arts programs and minimize their phys. ed. programs, children become more lethargic and bored and less creative. It is the creative pursuits, the spirit of play, the practice of fine arts and performing arts, that keep us sharp for the more boring pen and paper tasks, and keep our minds awake and eager to do more. Instead of banishing the arts and minimizing play while maximizing academics and test preparation, the ratio should be reversed. If the arts and physical activities took up the major portion of every day, and academic pursuits were relegated to less than a third of a child’s day, I believe children would perform better in all areas.
— Laurie Block Spigel, from Education Uncensored


On this page: Art Class Photos
Art History of the Ancient World: The Geography of Poetry (which combines art and poetry)

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Art History — Impressionism to Modernism:

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Class Photos

Cave Art Class Watercolor Class

Geography of Poetry ClassCubism ClassWire Sculpture Class

Stabile and Found Object Sculpture Class
Laurie Spigel teaching an art classThe Dada Class
Surrealist Collages Class    Found Object Sculpture Class    Surrealist Collages Class    Pointillism Class
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