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Recommended Summer Road Trip:
Indians and Caves

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Iroquois Indian Museum * Recommended books on the Iroquois * Howe Caverns * Recommended books on caves * More Places to Visit

Iroquois Indian Museum

Tree of Peace by John David FaddenHeron Medallion by Midge Dean, SenecaAbout a three hour drive north of NYC, the Iroquois Indian Museum ), near Cobleskill, NY, holds its big annual festival on Labor Day weekend, with ceremonial dances, storytellers and other kids' activities, and a fine array of craftsmen and artists. Learn about the Haudenosaunee, People of the Longhouse, in a museum shaped like a longhouse. Kids can try on traditional Iroquois clothing, play rattles and waterdrums, and try pounding corn into meal. Upstairs is a stunning gallery of Iroquois Art, ranging from startling contemporary work to find traditional crafts.

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Recommended books on the Iroquois

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Howe Caverns

Go deep within the earth and take a tour of Howe Caverns. On a holiday weekend there might be long lines, but everyone will get a chance to see the majestic caves and if it's hot you'll be glad for the coolness of the underground tunnels. Nearby, Secret Caverns is another series of caves also available for touring.

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Recommended books on caves

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More Places to Visit

Science Discovery Center of OneontaFor more activities in the area, try the Science Discovery Center of Oneonta, open from 12:00 pm-4:00 pm Thursday-Saturday, featuring more than eighty simple science experiments, focusing mainly on physics, for children, as well as for adults.

For some local history, visit the Old Stone Fort in Schoharie, NY. Wednesdays at 3 and Saturdays at 10 am – 2 pm, and Wednesdays starting at 3, check out the Country Music Festival Farmers Market at 942 East Main Street, Cobleskill, NY, July – October.
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