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Make a Heart Map

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heart map What things are hidden in your heart? What things lie deep inside? What are the things you love? Who are the people you love? What do you love doing? The book, Awakening the Heart , by Georgia Heard, has a cover illustration of a heart map (shown at left). There is even a secret room in this heart, for the secrets that are locked away there.

I asked my students to make heart maps. Some of them drew in the ventricles and surrounded the heart with lines to represent the ribs, placing their beloved ideas afloat within the body. Other made layers that revealed the things deeper and deeper in that personís heart.

Every heart map was beautiful and unique. Many were turned into Valentineís Day cards.
Heart Map by student

Studentís heart map with layers underneath (age 8)
Iím not the only teacher who has been inspired by Georgia Heard. Here are some lesson plans and photographs made by other teachers:

Heart map lessons by Scholastic:

Lesson guides for heart mapping:

Hearts maps that use images and symbols: