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Make A Flap Book

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This book is simply made by folding a sheet of paper into nine equal parts (in thirds and then thirds again), and cutting out the corner squares. Then you fold the flaps in any order you like. If you want them to fold in a certain order, you can number the pages. You can write the subject in the center square and four facts around it. You can also use the other side of the flaps and put pictures there. I used my flap book to write a poem. First I looked at facts about red-tailed hawks, and then I used that information to write a poem. I wrote four line with facts, and a fifth line that was a metaphor or an untruth. Go head and have some fun here; give yourself permission to lie a little or a lot.

Flap Book Open
Flap Book open
Flap Book CLosed
Flap Book closed

Here is a pdf version of this simple flap book. Here it is used as a Who Am I? booklet, in which a child writes about him or herself. All materials in these instructions are recycled, and there are other suggestions on how to use this book.

I used regular colored (blue) paper for the flap book and a sheet of cardstock for the cover, with a small piece of white ribbon for the tie. I used scissors, a glue stick, and a hole puncher. My poem was drawn from research and personal experience.

red-tailed-hawk Circling high above my apartment building,
A red tail flies by my window.
With his strong eyesight and sharp talons,
He searches for tiny mice far below.
He is the guardian of my home.
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