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Photo Gallery:
Animals! Animals!

(class of 2010 – 11)

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See also the Photo Gallery, with more photos of Laurie's students' work. Read some Recommended Books about Animals

In this course for ages 6-8, with the assistance of older siblings, we played games, studied animals, classified them into birds, fish, mammals, amphibians and reptiles, learned where they lived around the world, graphed the varying sizes of mammals (including the human students in our classroom), and made fantastic creatures from clay and from found objects such as pipe-cleaners, feathers, and toilet-roll cores.

Research Displays on Animals New * Research * Working on Clay Animals * Display of Clay Animals * Found Object Animals
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Research Displays on Animals New

Students researched an animal of their choice and wrote down four facts. These facts were turned into questions and answers, or illustrated, and displayed on four small sheets of colored cardstock. We glued the cardstock to strands of yarn and separated the cards with colored beads. Here are research displays on: the sea otter by Laura, the komodo dragon by Mason, the peacock by Sophie, the wolf by Ben, and the whale (teacher's example).

Sea Otter by Laura
sea otter by Laura
Komodo Dragon by Mason
komodo dragon by Mason

Whale (teacher's example)
Whale (teacher's example)
Peacock by Sophie
peacock by Sophie
Wolf by Ben
Wolf by Ben

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World Map with Animals Mammals
Birds Amphibians, Fish, and Reptiles

Some of the books used in research

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Working on Clay Animals

Ben at work Adina and Mason at work
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Sophie and Josephine at work at work Emma at work
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Ben and Laura at work Mason at work Josephine and Caoilin at work

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Display of Clay Animals

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Josephine and her Whale

Laura and her Bear

Josephine and her Whale

Sophie and her Unicorn

Laura's Bear

Ben's Coils

Ben's Coils

Laura's Nest

Emma's Panda

Mason's Pig

Mason's Pig

Sophie's Unicorn

Josephine's Whale

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Found Object Animals

Caoilin and her creature Emma and her creature Laura and her creature
Laura at work Creatures by Caoilin and Emma
Josephine and her creature

Mason and his creature
Josephine and her creature

Sophie and her creature
Josephine's creature

Josephine's creature


Laura's creature

Sophie's creature

Creature made from pipe-cleaners

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