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Step 2 of the Ten Steps to Successful Homeschooling
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Support groups offer help to first-time homeschoolers with: learning about the law, doing the necessary paperwork, group activities for parents and kids, year-end assessments, finding tutors and teaching assistance, and recommendations for books and local resources. If you don't have a support group, connect with a few local families and create one!

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New York State Updated
New York City
Long Island
Westchester, Putnam, Dutchess, Ulster, Sullivan, Rockland and Orange Counties
New Jersey
Other Resources
Public classes for homeschoolers Updated

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New York State

NYHEN ( New York Home Educators' Network) is a state-wide organization of homeschoolers. Here you can learn about the latest changes in homeschooling regulations in NYS. As laws change, you can follow the discussions at the NYHEN Yahoo group.

Lists of Organizations in NY State

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New York City Organizations

NYC has a thriving community of homeschoolers, with groups forming in nearly every neighborhood.

New York - Citywide / Manhattan / Brooklyn / Queens / Staten Island /

New York - Citywide

  • NYCHEA: New York City Home Educators Alliance is a secular organization. that exists to:
    • Support and inform families who choose home education
    • Inform the general public about home education
    • Protect the right to home education
    • Provide social occasions and group educational experiences for member families
  • Parent Exchange NYC (Babysitting Group) seeks to connect parents in the same zip code and/or boroughs in NYC (or however far you choose to travel) to allow them to do babysitting swaps with one another's children saving on nannies and child care related cost. This is done at an agreed upon location once families are comfortable, have gotten to know each other on multiple levels personally and professionally, and feel well acquainted. There may be single mothers that are homeschooling in addition to ones who are working or looking to go back to school themselves, taking a class or two and in need of safe, reliable, affordable child care options, or there may be married parents in need of a few hours away from the children.
  • Bushwick/Ridgewood area of Brooklyn and Queens - Yahoo group for homeschooling parents. Homeschool Bushwick/Ridgewood Ben Krieger, Moderator, Homeschool BushRidge
  • NYCpreschool-homeschool is a group for NYC parents interested in homeschooling toddlers and preschoolers. This group is open to parents who are already homeschooling older children, parents of toddlers who are planning to homeschool, and parents who plan to send their kids to school eventually but are homeschooling for preschool. The list is a good space for people wanting to form/join playgroups, co-op preschools, find support, share experiences and options, etc.
  • 5BoroHSchooling is a group of Homeschool Families that enjoys the simplicities of home-instruction through various activities.
    About us:
    • Learn through exploring the wealth of knowledge within the 5Boro make-up of Greater New York.
    • All Grades Welcome / Focus on Grades 4 – 12
    • As 5Boro is a Support Dependent Community, we’d most appreciate your membership as an *engaged member - as it is fitting to your family
    • All activities Organized by our 5Boro’s Moderator/Host will be exclusively for Members ONLY. Come join us.
    • Homeschoolers Only
    • Prior Approval Screening Process
    • Friendly Membership
    • Group Introduction within three days of Membership
    • Everyone Is An Important Member
  • Homeschool New York is for families who are homeschooling in the New York City Area. The purpose is to share information about workshops, trips, classes, meet-ups etc. that are of interest. Home educators are also welcome to post on topics (newspaper articles, curriculum, websites,etc.) that may be of interest to homeschoolers. They are inclusive and secular, although diversity and acceptance are welcome and encouraged.
  • Jewish Home Educators of New York City (JHENYC) is a meeting place for homeschooling or unschooling Jewish parents (or those just thinking about it) living in or around New York City. It is a place to discuss issues unique to New York-area Jewish homeschoolers and unschoolers.
  • NYC Department of Education is the largest system of public schools in the United States, serving about 1.1 million students in nearly 1,700 schools. The also publish information on homeschooling.
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Staten Island

Westchester, Putnam, Dutchess, Ulster, Sullivan, Rockland and Orange Counties

Long Island


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New Jersey

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Other Resources

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Public Classes for Homeschoolers Updated

Every year NYC organizations and institutions advertise more classes for homeschooled kids along with their public "afterschool" offerings. Here are some offerings created just for homeschoolers:

Homeschool Learning Centers in Manhattan:

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This is Step 2 of the Ten Steps to Successful Homeschooling
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